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Report: Drew Brees Renegotiates Salary

Written by Jeffrey Iafrate

Future Hall of Famer Drew Brees has agreed to reduce his 2021 salary from $25 million to the veterans minimum, to free cap space for the New Orleans Saints for future seasons, per sources. Doing this is an indication he’s most likely on his way to retirement this off-season.

It is reported Sean Payton will address the Drew Brees situation in a week or two. Brees will count just $12.225 million against the cap until June 1, which would be reduced to $11.15 million if he officially retires. Drew Brees has been nothing but a professional for the Saints, and what a career he’s had thus far. When the Saints lost to the Buccaneers, Brees was seen telling Jameis Winston that the team belongs to him now, we’ll see in the next coming weeks if that meant something. The Saints are now in position to attack free agency.

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