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Report: Cleveland Browns Shut Down Myles Garrett’s Interview With Fox’s Jay Glazer

Written by Nik D

Jay Glazer reported on Fox NFL Sunday that he had a sit down interview scheduled with Myles Garrett for Sunday’s show to discuss and explain Thursday night’s helmet slamming incident. The interview, however, was shut down by the Cleveland Browns brass.

This isn’t too surprising that such a terrible franchise is trying to control the damage (by not allowing the culprit and star player to control the damage) and not create some PR disaster.

I mean, if you let Garrett talk who knows what he may say. He may even (GASP!)… apologize?

We can’t allow that to happen.

Good move by the Browns here not allowing their star player to tell his side of the story here. We wouldn’t want to accidentally feel any type of sympathy for this lowly franchise now would we?

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