Remember When People Said Zion Wouldn’t Be Able To Dominate In The NBA?

Ah, Zion dominating the NBA just like it is a high school league. I remember back in the day people said Zion wouldn’t dominate college basketball like high school based on the competition. Which was fair at the time, his high school competition wasn’t the greatest. But Zion came into college and dominated from day one. He was the best player in college basketball that year.

Then many people thought he wouldn’t be able to do that in the NBA. So many people said, “He won’t be able to dominate with his style of play against NBA players.” I heard that so many times, a ridiculous amount honestly. Hell, many said he was overrated. Well, Zion is in his second season, the first healthy one. He has done nothing but dominate. Zion is dominating grown men in the NBA at 20 years old.

This season, 26 games worth, Zion has been averaging 24.6/6.8/3.0 on 61% shooting. Unreal efficiency. Laughable people thought he wouldn’t succeed in the NBA. He is making these grown-ass men look like college/high school players. Last night in just 28 minutes of play, Zion went off for 31/7/6 on 13/16 shooting and two steals.

Now you people can shut the hell up and I hope you understand why this kid was so hyped up. Because he is unreal.

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