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Ref Has Ball Thrown at His Head by Lions RB Jamaal Williams (Video)

In a surprisingly close game against the Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Lions running back Jamaal Williams inadvertently showed what the fans really think of the referees after years of bad calls against them.

From a video on Twitter by Barstool Detroit, Williams had thrown a ball to the head of referee Adrian Hill as he announcing a holding call against the Lions.

During that clip, it looked like Williams was trying to apologize to Hill during the announcement, but one of the officials was holding him back.

However, Hill came up with a subtle smile on the call and appeared to be talking to the former Green Bay Packer like he acknowledged that Williams meant no intent.

Hopefully, it remains this way through the game against Dallas because who knows what can happen at AT&T Stadium when it’s the Cowboys playing? Lions fans remember all too well from that fateful playoff game in the 2014 season.

It’s a good defensive game thus far though.

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