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Redskins to Change Name, Due to Cancel Culture: Top 5 New Mascots

Written by JohnnyB

So cancel culture continues to spread throughout sports even on the holiday weekend. This one though I can get behind.

Most Native American sports teams having the backing of the regional tribe ie: The Seminoles, Chippewas, Blackhawks it they don’t have a good derogatory name like The Chiefs or the Braves.

The Redskins have got to go! It’s time, in the climate of this country it’s a great time for the team and league to offer a gesture of good faith to the minority community. MLB did with getting rid of Chief Wahoo on the logo it’s time for the NFL.

So here is my Top 5 of new mascot ideas I have found:

1. The Redtails-

The logo could be amazing and it plays into the World War 2 Tuskegee Airman’s calling card with the red tail. It’s a great gesture to remind us of the amazing Black Airmen and takes away the racist Redskin name. This would be a home run for social justice warriors.

2. The Griffins-

I mean it’s just a cool as animal. I mean it’s a lion, one of the baddest animals on the planet, and an eagle, our national bird. A bonus they can cuck Philly with having an eagle but on steroids. Big win for D.C. fans

3. The Renegades-

I’m not sure why I like this name I just think it sounds good. “Hey I’m going to the Renegades game tonight”. It just sounds like a good team.

(Click here to see the final two names!)

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