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Redskins Make Cheerleaders Show Skin

Written by Boomer

A report is out today of an incident back in 2013 with the Washington Redskins and their cheerleaders.  What many cheerleaders thought was going to be a dream trip to Costa Rica and a photo shoot turned into a nightmare for a few.

During the photo shoot, there was to be topless and body paint images which most of the girls did not mind that part.  Where it turned weird and just plain creepy was when these photos were to take place the Redskins let FedEx field suite holders and male sponsors to watch.  Yes, all these in attendance watching were men.

When finished with everything that detailed there calender several of the girls were chosen to be a personal escort for the men at the nightclub they all were attending.  The women who are reporting this said that there were no sexual acts, but felt they were forced to act as sex piece for these men’s status.  The team denies that any of this was mandatory.

Not only would this be horrible to be tricked/forced into this kind of treatment, but they also were not compensated in any way for this calendar shoot.  The only thing the squad got was the free airfare and lodging with of course food.  There is also a report that as soon as they landed in Costa Rica the team took away their passports and only piece of identification, but was told it was so they wouldn’t get lost.

With women already filing grievances against the NFL, this will end up becoming another stain on the NFL’s shield.  The women who do the cheerleading should be compensated entirely more then what they do now or get rid of it all together.  In the end, this will be another long offseason for the NFL with bad stuff that just hasn’t stopped over the past couple of years.

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