A seemingly harmless Instagram post from Braun Strowman has led to some Reddit users accusing the former WWE Universal Champion of using heroin. These asinine accusations stem from a syringe that can be seen in a selfie taken by wrestling’s “Monster Among Men.”

In true Reddit fashion, the denizens at Reddit’s Squared Circle Forum decided to inquire into what the syringe might be there for:

“He might do heroin, ever consider that?”

“He just wants to “get these hands” on some black tar heroin”

Given certain wrestlers’ propensity for using performance enhancing drugs to build a better body, it’s easy to understand why some people are wondering what in the blue hell a syringe is doing laying around. Could these be Hulk Hogan Injectable Vitamins?

Braun Strowman posted an answer on Instagram and according to Strowman, it’s no big deal:

“For everyone trying to make a big deal about the last post I did and delete. I take b12 shots everyday because my body is super sensitive to caffeine and I can only use so much without feeling like I’m having heart palpitations,” 

Still, who takes a selfie (now deleted) with a syringe in it? Not since Scott Hall sent a Christmas message that featured an adult film in the background has someone in wrestling blundered so badly.

Good to know the former member of the Wyatt Family hasn’t fallen victim to the opioid epidemic. Just in case though, listen to Neil Young’s words of wisdom Braun:


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