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Red Wings Captain Dylan Larkin Paid Fan a Beer After He Spilled it Hitting the Glass (Video) #LGRW

Written by Nate

On the team’s YouTube channel, Detroit Red Wings center Dylan Larkin did a good deed as part of being their captain.

As he was being mic’d up in warmups in the video below, Larkin knocked over a fan’s beer after colliding on the Little Caesars Arena glass and felt really bad after doing that. Then, he went over to one of the team’s assistants and asked he can deliver money to that fan so he can buy himself a new one.

The segment occurs at the first two minutes of the clip:

You can see the $20 being delivered to the fan to show proof that it happened.

Very nice to see Larkin adapt to being a captain on and off the ice, and even in the stands.

Hopefully, the Red Wings will have Larkin around for a long time as captain. Detroit fans do need more gestures like this in the near future.

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