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Red Sox quickly losing ground

It looks like the Boston Red Sox have already lost their chance to win the AL East since they are in last place with a losing record and 14.5 games behind the New York Yankees. The Wildcard picture is also rapidly slipping away from them. This season seems to be plagued by disappointment for a number of reasons. So many complaints this season of whom to point the finger at. Red Sox have totaled 105 RBI in the past month and only have 18 home runs.    

A valid argument can be made against the bullpen by those that do point fingers at it. Having a 4.92 ERA over the past month isn’t exactly the best, it is third from the bottom. Red Sox pitching staff has allowed 133 runs with 126 runs that were earned. Aside from 29 home runs and 74 walks against Red Sox pitchers.  

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the GM, manager, batting order, or bullpen’s fault. It’s vital they figure this out quickly if they’re going to have any chance of making a run for a wildcard spot. Losses from here on out sting even more and put them further behind.  Their destiny is turning slowly up to the wins and losses of those teams that are in front.

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