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Red Sox Look To Continue Their Dominance Over The Yankees

Written by Scal

The Yankees are really the laughing stock of baseball. This is a team with the 2nd highest payroll and had the 2nd best odds to win the World Series prior to the season. No major injuries occurred, and yet this group of scum bags are playing on the road in the Wild Card game. This is nothing new for Yankee fans however. Outside of a title in 2009, the new age Yankees have been underperforming losers year in and year out. I won’t get into it much more, but with a loss Tuesday night, they sink even further into the pit they sit in. With a win, they give themselves a fighting chance to maybe make a run and redeem themselves.

The Boston Red Sox on the other hand have been a picture of excellence. A team with recent success, and a surprise season. The Sox had a win total of 80.5 coming into this year. Obviously that was blown out of the water. Considering no Chris Sale for most of the year, this team has been great. The Sox go into this game with really nothing to lose and everything to gain. A loss would suck yes, but entering this season hosting the Wild Card game was an optimistic goal.

But this means more now. This is Red Sox Yankees. In October. Under the lights at Fenway Park. This is Cole vs Nasty Nate. The best rivalry in baseball. It just means more. The baby shit soft yankee fans on Twitter are quivering with fear. Cole has struggled against the Sox this year. Last time Nate played the Yanks in October, he was nothing short of excellent. The big bad Yankees, a team expected to win the World Series can’t be eliminated by their arch rival who wasn’t even supposed to finish .500 could they?! We shall see.

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