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Red Sox Fans Chirped Gerrit Cole And Yankees Fans Are Crying About This Too, What A Surprise

Surprise Surprise, Yankees fans are upset about something else that anyone with nuts wouldn’t care. Apparently while Cole was warming up before the game there were Red Sox fans chirping him about spider tack and according to the one dipshit they were calling him “unprintable words”. This is a load of dogshit, I mean first of all Garrit Cole is a cheater, it’s flat out proven so no matter what team he is player he better get shit about spider tack. Also it’s the fucking BOSTON RED SOX, the Red Sox and Yankees have the biggest rivalry in baseball and possibly in sports. The fans hate the other team, other teams players and the other teams fan, you should just expect fans to talk some shit and the Yankees fans would do the same shit. This is sports as long as they aren’t doing any physical harm or using any disgusting racial or derogatory slurs then that’s part of the game.

What would you know, a video of Yankees fans talking shit to Gerrit Cole when he was on the astros has emerged, and what would you guess what they are saying in the video is worse than what Red Sox fans were saying. I don’t find anything wrong but if you’re gonna fucking cry about fans talking shit, make sure your fanbase is scotch free but guess what no fanbase is. Yankee fans are just upset about losing in the playoffs to the Red Sox and are finding anything they can to get the heat off of them. I fucking hate the Yankees and their fans.

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