Recent Video of Duke Basketball Coach Mike Krzyzewski Walking to Press Conference in Front of an Audience Was….Something

One day removed after hearing the news of Duke Blue Devils Men’s Basketball head coach Mike Krzyzewski ‘Coach K’ was gonna retire after this upcoming season, the press conference of him walking to an audience was interesting to say the least.

In the video by Clara Goodwin, you can see the audience, consisting of reporters and maybe some students, was dancing and somewhat applauding Coach K to Cascada’s song ‘Everytime We Touch’ as he was walked in to the conference earlier Thursday.

Apparently, from what we’re gathering throughout Twitter, the song was used for the Cameron Crazies student section as a bit of a hype song during games when students were able to go.

It’s understandable that Duke students use it hype and stuff, but during a press conference? Kind of cringy here.

Hey, it looked like Coach K was having fun with the whole walk and song altogether, but from everyone outside of Durham, North Carolina, it’s a little bit too much here.

Wish Coach K the best of luck in his last season, but that video, conference and stuff around it, maybe save that for their game, please?

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