RECAP #TheLastDance Episodes 5 & 6: Michael Jordan may be the pettiest human alive & Gambling issues “Its a hobby not a problem”

Written by schultzyca

Just when you think this documentary can’t get any more interesting episodes five and six hit you in the face. There is two things that have been very evident to me in this series Michael Jordan’s will to win is second to none, and he also maybe the pettiest man on the face of the Earth.

Episode 5 was based around the 1992 NBA Finals against the Portland Trailblazers, The Dream Team, and the pressures that came from ‘being like Mike.’

Mike clearly did not like the idea of being compared to anyone so when Clyde Drexler was brought up in conversation that really pissed MJ off. “Clyde was a threat…but me being compared to him, I took offense to that.”

Mike seems to like to always put himself on a pedestal over other people and maybe that is the egotistically things that make him the greatest basketball player of all time, or that is what makes him the pettiest human being of all time.

Don’t forget Clyde is consider by MANY as a top 5-10 all time shooting guard so Mike throwing in these jabs just seems extremely petty. Don’t forget Clyde is in the HALL OF FAME. It is not like he was a scrub and MJ took offense to being compared to him. If anything this documentary has further brought to light how much of a psychopath Michael Jordan is. Just look at these two dudes numbers from the 1992 Finals:

The Dream Team part of episode five brought to light a couple of things; NBA guys hated Isiah Thomas, they had more competitive practices then games, MJ and the rest of the team bullied Toni Kukoc proving that MJ is in fact the most petty man ever to live.

It is not secret MJ hates Isiah Thomas he even says it himself but rumor on the street is MJ is the reason why IT did not make the Dream Team roster. Of course Michael denies it but also it seems he would not have been a good fit, he didn’t get along with a lot of other guys on the team like Bird, and Magic but it just goes to show it was Michaels way or the highway.

The Monte Carlo scrimmage may have been the best game in NBA never to been aired. This practice was the official passing of the torch from Magic to Jordan of who the ‘alpha male’ in the NBA was or how Larry Bird put it “there is a new sherif in town.”

The abuse that poor Toni Kukoc endured in that Olympics was awful just because he was deemed ‘Jerry’s boy’ Scottie and Michael were pissed and took it out on him holding him to four points during their first meeting in the Olympics. The worst part is Toni had no idea why this abuse or hatred was happening because he was in a war torn country with no idea what was happening in the U.S.

Episode 6 was heavily based around the ‘elephant’ in the room when you bring up Michael Jordan and his so called gambling problem. This man gambled on everything and with anyone, he seemed to like gambling on golf and cards the most. This is an all time quote on Jordan’ part and is going to be ever degenerate gamblers motto moving forward:

Call it what you will Jordan clearly had a problem and still probably does to this day people say it is because he is ‘competitive’ and always wants to win but I think he has an extremely addictive personality and used gambling as a way to escape his crazy everyday life.

If this is Mike’s biggest blemish on his career then maybe it is not a big deal in the grand scheme of things but it definitely seemed to cause controversy in the medias’ eye at the time but what are you going to do when you are the most famous person on the face of the earth.

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