RECAP #TheLastDance Episodes 3 & 4: Dennis Rodman is coolest athlete ever to live. |@dennisrodman

Written by schultzyca

One word that I think is fair to describe Dennis Rodman would be: unique. He certainly marched to the beat of his own drum and didn’t care what other people thought. Everyone attributes Madonna for ‘ruining’ and turning him crazy but one thing was very evident in third episode, she liberated Rodman and showed him it is ok to be an individual and boy did he take that advice and ran with it. Rodman is arguably one of the wildest characters the NBA and maybe even the sports world has ever seen. Literally in the middle of the season he was given PERMISSION from Phil Jackson and Michael Jordan to go on a 48 hour vacation to Vegas too get away from the crazy bullshit that comes with being on the best team the NBA has ever seen.

The 48 hour period ended up turning into two more days and then MJ had to go get Rodman and bring him back too Earth. That didn’t seem to bother him he just seems like a guy that needs an escape to get his head straight then he is ready too go and do his job. Phil called him his ‘Indian Brother’ and those two seem to have very similar souls they are ‘mavericks’ and they do not like to follow what other people tell them too do. They had a bond that was very unique and that was very important too Rodman to have someone to ground him.

If there was one thing Dennis Rodman revolutionized it was making rebounding cool. He didn’t have to go out there and put up crazy scoring numbers he was fine doing his job which was rebounding and playing defense. This stat line from him is just absurd:

No one was quite like Rodman, a polarizing figure and still is too this day.

Someone who will most definitely get remembered for his off the court antics and crazy hair styles but SHOULD be remembered for his high motor and one of the most prolific rebounders the game has ever seen. Dennis you’re the man.

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