The NBA tipped off its season last night. The Lakers got their rings but looked like crap, while the Nets crushed the Warriors. Kevin Durant looked like his old self. It was a night full of action and of course, overreactions. Let’s take a look at what all happened on opening night.

Nets vs Warriors

The huge question going into the season was if we were going to see the old Kevin Durant? The Durant before the awful Achilles injury. Steve Nash said that Durant was at 90% during the preseason. Last night he looked like 100%. The Nets crushed the Warriors from the tip. The Nets outscored the Warriors by 15 in the first and never looked back. Kyrie Irving and Durant went off in the first. Durant going for 10 points on 57% and Kyrie with 17 on 75% shooting. The Nets supporting cast played well, Caris Levert had 20/9/5 off the bench. Joe Harris had 10 points and five rebounds on 50% from the field. Pretty much the whole supporting cast chipped in. Then add the play of Durant and Irving, and the Nets look scary good. Durant finished with 22/5/3 in just 25 minutes of play, while Irving finished with 26/4/4 in also just 25 minutes of action.

Meanwhile, the Warriors looked awful. Steph Curry struggled all night, scoring 20 points but only shooting a staggering 20% from the three. Andrew Wiggins couldn’t buy a basket, only scoring 13 points going 4/16 from the field. The Warriors lottery pick, James Wisman, played well. Wiseman went 7/13 from the field for 19 points and six rebounds. Wiseman was the lone bright spot for the Warriors. By the way, the Warriors looked last night, who knows if they will even make the playoffs. I still expect the Warriors to be the upper half of the west but damn, the Nets molly whopped the Warriors last night.

Lakers vs Clippers

The Lakers started their night off by getting their championship rings. I picked the Lakers to win and cover the spread. I should have known what was going to happen. Ring night is always weird, the teams are on an emotional high and then have to play a game right after. Most teams aren’t ready to play and that’s exactly what happened to the Lakers. By the way, these rings are so awesome.

Three hours later…

This game started much like the first game of the night. The Clippers ran through the Lakers in the first quarter. Outscoring the Lakers by 20 points in the first. Lebron looked awful in the first, only scoring three points on 1/5 shooting. The Lakers supporting cast is already much better than last season. Two of the new additions playing especially well. Dennis Schroder got the star at point guard, finishing with 14/12/8. While Montrezl Harrell finished with 17/10/3 shooting 6/7 from the field. Even in the loss, the Lakers have to be excited about the new additions play. The Lakers fought back from the awful first quarter, outscoring the Clippers by 18 in the second quarter. The Lakers could not stop Paul George. Maybe he should be called opening night P because he was on fire last night. George went for 33 points on 72% shooting to go along with six rebounds.

Then add on 26 points by Kawhi Leonard. Plus, good play by their supporting cast and you get a big-time win over the Lakers. New addition Serge Ibaka finished with 5 points and six rebounds, shooting 2/3 from three-point land. Despite the awful first quarter, Lebron finished with 22/5/5 but turned his ankle which kept him out of the final eight minutes. The Clippers got the win but it doesn’t mean much. It honestly won’t matter for the Clippers until the playoffs, I know it’s dumb but that’s how the NBA works. The Lakers get the rings, while the Clippers get the opening night win.

Hope you enjoyed last night because tonight the rest of the 26 teams play.


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