Ravishing Glow Is Just What The WWE Universe Wants AND NEEDS! @LanaWWE @NaomiWWE

The WWE Universe openly loves Naomi.

The WWE Universe secretly loves Lana.

Together, #RavishingGlow is not only what the company wants right now on Monday Night Raw, it is exactly what we need.

When you think of the wrestling business, a lot of words come to mind. Some would talk about intensity. Some would talk about integrity. Some would even talk about intelligence. Heck, Kurt Angle talks about all three. Really though, passion, entertainment, and above all else – fun – are what viewers like to see. It comes through on the television screen. When they are having fun, you are having fun. Whether it is dancing on TikTok or making another colorful entrance, Lana and Naomi exemplify that in spades. Fans are starting to catch on as well…

Think about it. We have seen Lana being put through a table for 465 weeks straight but come back stronger than ever. Don’t forget her with the busted up ankle STILL attempting to fight in the WWE Royal Rumble match. Speaking of, how about Naomi in the Royal Rumble? I rest my case. That goes without even mentioning her great past WrestleMania moments and title victories. Now if you put one and one together, you get a tag team the division desperately needs.

You all don’t want Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax to be WWE Womens Tag Team Champions forever, do you? I would think not. If they can do that splendid WrestleMania 37 entrance every week, um yeah, they have my vote! if you know, you know.

I welcome a change. I welcome it because WWE Raw has been lacking a lot of things as of late. Charisma, intrigue, drama, passion, fun, and Shayna and Jax being CRUSHED! Now feel that glow.

Written by Justin Watry (TWITTER: @JustinWatry) 

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