Ravens-Steelers To Kickoff At 3:40 On Wednesday

Written by Will

The NFL has now had to move this game three separate times. This game was supposed to be played on Thanksgiving. That didn’t happen because of positive COVID-19 tests from the Ravens. The game was moved to Sunday, then more positive tests happened. Now the NFL is moving the game to this Wednesday. Football on Wednesday is already weird enough but the kickoff time being at 3:45 is even weirder. I don’t understand why the NFL would schedule this in the middle of the day, makes no sense. People will still be at work. Why not have the game primetime? People would love some primetime football on a random Wednesday but nope. Instead, we are all going to have to hide from our boss at work and somehow watch this game.

Don’t be surprised if this game gets moved again. The Ravens keep having more and more positive tests. On the positive side, there will now be three Monday games next week.

Again, that all depends on if this game scheduled for Wednesday even gets played.

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