The Ravens/Chiefs game on Sunday Night Football turned out to be a thriller between the two teams. Mahomes and Jackson were flying on all cylinders and neither of them could be stopped. It seemed like the team who had the ball last was going to win the football game. That’s exactly what happened and what led to this unbelievable call by John Harbaugh.

I think everyone in that stadium and everyone at home knew that the Ravens needed to go for that to win the game. You can’t give the ball back to Patrick Mahomes and that electric offense. John Harbaugh knew it more than anyone else.

That’s the one thing about Harbaugh and Jackson, they know each other so well. Harbaugh knew Lamar wanted to go for that 4th down conversion and knew that he would do everything he could to get that first down. Harbaugh and Jackson shared a special moment after the game.

Unbelievable call by Harbaugh to get the Ravens their first win of the season.


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