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Ravens QB Lamar Jackson’s Status For Playoff Matchup vs Bengals

Written by Tony Ghaul

Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson continues to face an “uphill battle” as he fights through an injury in his Posterior Cruciate Ligament, or the ligament that connects the upper leg to the lower leg, just before the team is set to face the Cincinnati Bengals in the NFL Playoffs, as per NFL Network National Insider Ian Rapoport said on Wednesday morning.

“Not looking good for Lamar Jackson,” Rapoport said. “Which is, I would say, a little bit of a surprise. December 4th was the last time he played, battling a PCL sprain.

“There were so many people involved who thought ‘if Lamar is not going to play for the regular season, surely he will be ready for the playoffs.’ My understanding, and this is something sources have said over the course of the past 24 hours, is that Lamar Jackson faces an ‘uphill battle’ to be able to get out on the field in the playoffs against the Cincinnati Bengals. He is working, he is trying, he is rehabbing. But he is just not quite right.”

The battle has been “shrouded in some secrecy,” Rapoport added, and he would be surprised if he practiced on Wednesday. Ravens head coach John Harbaugh “didn’t have an update” for Jackson on Monday.

Jackson first suffered the sprain after he was sacked in the first quarter of a Week 13 matchup with the Denver Broncos. Jackson threw for 2,200 passing yards and just 764 rushing yards before going down with the knee injury.

Without Jackson, the Ravens are going to be long shots to beat the Bengals, which means that it’s entirely possible that Baltimore’s season will end on Sunday.

Jackson is set to become a free agent in March. A big question will be whether he and the Ravens can come to terms on a new contract.

Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson. Photo courtsey of The Mirror

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