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Ravens Player Calls Out Lamar Jackson About Injury

Written by Tony Ghaul

Baltimore Ravens WR Sammy Watkins calls out QB Lamar Jackson out about the injury Jackson is dealing with ahead of Sunday’s wild-card playoff game at the Cincinnati Bengals.

“In this league, everybody is pretty much banged up, hurt,” Watkins explained in comments shared by Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk. “I don’t want to speak for him and his situation and whatever he’s going through with the contracts. I don’t know what world he’s in. But for me, you got a chance to do something special.

We all know with Lamar Jackson out there, this team is really freaking good, and special things can happen. He can will this team to a Super Bowl. I don’t think he’s thinking about it that way.”

Jackson hasn’t played since he went down with a knee issue during the Week 13 game against the Denver Broncos. He went on Twitter to explain his injury.

Jackson is at the end of his rookie contract after he and the Ravens failed to sign an extension before Week 1. Watson suggested that the contract situation is impacting his status to play on Sunday.

“I pray somebody talks to him like, ‘Man, just sign the deal.’ You know what I mean? And he get out there and hopefully, if . . . he’s healthy, he can just come play this Sunday. We all know that’s up to Lamar and whatever goes on. Hopefully, they get something done,” Watkins said.

Something is going on with Lamar Jackson and the Ravens. I don’t believe that he will get the contract that he is looking for from them. It may be time for he and the Ravens to part ways.

Lamar Jackson and Sammy Watkins of the Baltimore Ravens. Photo courtsey of Todd Olszewski. Getty Images.

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