Ravens Pick up Hundley

Written by Ngm002

With Lamar opting out of OTAs amid contract negations, the ravens are down to 2 quarterbacks for training. This morning the Ravens have picked up Brett Hundley make sure the team is getting the necessary amount of reps in practice. Hundley is coming from the colts where he has been bouncing from the active roster and the practice squad.

Lamar Jackson has to chosen to opt out of OTAs with Harbaugh commenting, “It’s not for me to speak for somebody else on that. It’s up to him to speak for himself.” Lamar has tweeted that he can not wait to get back with the team and start practicing, but only time will tell when that is.

Lamar is not the only player opting out of OTAs even though the media would have you think that that is the case. Aaron Donald, Kyler Murray, Deebo Samuel, Aaron Rodgers, and Tom Brady are some of the other big names that are also opting out of the OTAs.

I agree that the Ravens have nothing to worry about. Lamar Jackson will be back in due time getting reps with his team again. The ravens are looking to make a statement this year after being one of the unhealthiest teams in the league. They started with a 8-3 record, then losing Lamar as well as 6 straight games to end the season.

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