Raquel Pennington Defeats Marion Reneau – via decision @RockyPMMA @BelizeanBruiser #UFCVegas3 #UFConESPN11

Written by Tyler Allen

Happy Birthday @BelizeanBruiser!

Round 1 – Reneau leads with some furies that were incredibly out of range. They start connecting but Pennington would smartly connect at the ends of each furry for big shots. The Clinch would start, each would be jockying for control. Knees exchanges by both in attempting to take each other down. More Clinching ensues, pushing against the fence and punishing her with knees. Pennington is trying to Peel Reneau off via the fence but is failing miserably. Raquel is doing well staying on her feet and all thought. Marion Reneau gets the round for me.

Round 2 – Pennington comes out swinging connecting with lead jabs coming out of the gate. Reneau gets her back against the cage and connects with a low blow. A pause in the action for Rehabilitation, about 3 minutes long if i were to venture a guess. The fight resumes with 4 minutes left. Pennington connects with a massive jab, a clinch ensues, with Pennington landing more knees against the fence. More Thai clinching ensues, Reneau eventually gets the takedown. Pennington turns out of it and starts landing massive shots to the head. Pennington barely misses the uppercut as Reneau stood up. More Clinching would close out the round. – I have no idea who to give the round to, Reneau again, maybe?

Round 3 – Marion Reneau goes for the takedown and commits to it, but only gets Pennington down to her knees. More Thai clinching against the cage. Pennington connects with some jabs and an elbow that did damage. Pennington has Reneau pushed up and lands more knees to the midsection. Pennington was landing some shots, but switches it up and goes for the takedown which fails. Each are Teeing off with 90 seconds left in the round, knowing they probably need the finish to get the win. Reneau shoots in for the double leg, Pennington defended it again. More Thai Clinches with knees to finish out the fight. Round and fight, Raquel Pennington.

Result – Raquel Pennington via decision 30-27, 29-28, 29-28

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