Rapper Blueface Just Fought A Fan After His Bareknuckle Fight

Written by schultzyca

Rapper Blueface got into the celebrity boxing space with this time doing a bareknuckle fight against so random Tiktoker. Blueface got some extra work in after the fight after he won unanimously, a fan hopped in the ring and all hell broke lose.

Just a wild scene in general, I mean what did the fan think he was going to accomplish by hopping in the ring and getting one punch in? Did he seriously think that security or anyone would not intervene and stop anything from happening?

I do not know but it was just wild to see everything happen after this fight. Blueface really had two fights in one night, he certainly got plenty of work in. We will see if Blueface continues this wave of boxing and fighting in the future, he definitely seems like he can do more moving forward.

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