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#Rams GM Les Snead is Trending After He was Seen Wearing a ‘F*ck Them Picks’ Shirt at Team’s Championship Parade

Written by Nate

Just a few days after securing the team’s second Super Bowl title in team history, the Los Angeles Rams have hosted their championship parade Wednesday afternoon. And one of their key architects on constructing the team is showing off how he helped win the title—in shirt form.

As you can see in the photo below, Rams general manager Les Snead showed up to the parade with a picture of himself on it with the words, ’Fuck Them Picks’ written.

He also would have a coffee mug with the same design on it as well.

For those who don’t know why Snead has that shirt was because he was known for trading away draft picks for several key players in the league.

Notable players Snead traded for to the Rams included cornerback Jalen Ramsey, quarterback Matthew Stafford and pass rushing specialist Von Miller.

Hey, at least the team accomplished their main goal, and that was they won a championship out of it.

Snead can flaunt that shirt how long he wants, just hope it does not come back to bite them if they come up short on the championship repeat and needed those picks to rebuild the team around.

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