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Raiders Coach Tragically Passes Away!

Written by Chris Powers

The year 2021 has been extremely difficult on professional athletes, as it seems like this year more than ever there have been athletes dying left and right. Whether it be the MLB, NFL, NBA or NHL, it seems every couple of days either a present or past athlete has died.

Unfortunately, the latest news in deceased players comes from the Raiders organization. While this one definitely flew under the radar, it was announced last month that former Oakland Raiders offensive coordinator Greg Knapp passed away tragically in a bicycle accident.

In other Raiders news, current head coach Jon Gruden commented on the Raiders decision to make sure all people that attend games show proof of vaccination. See what he had to say below:

“Well I just support the decisions that are being made,” Gruden said. “Every state, every team is probably going to have a different view on this. I support the decision that was made. I’ll be anxious to see as many Raider fans as possible with no mask. That’s what I’m excited about. They can make more noise that way. But I know it’s a touchy subject for a lot of people, but I do support the direction we’re heading in. And I encourage everybody I know to get the vaccine and come join us.”

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