Calling Out Racism

Racist Karen EXPOSED After Karlos Dillard Confronts Her

Written by Enzothree

Here is another Karen outside of her element of being confronted. Typically, when a Karen confronts somebody, it is at a grocery store or at the mall when she doesn’t quite get what she wants. Here we have twitter user Karlos Dillard (@wypip_h8) confronting a Karen after he was cut off trying to merge, brake checked, and had racial words slung his way. Karlos comes up to Karen like a boss and confronts her to her absolute horror.

The full video is posted as a reply below.

I had a guy follow me once for a reason I don’t know. I didn’t have the time or courage to confront him since I had my girlfriend in the car with me but this is exactly how I wish to have confronted them. Let this be a lesson to you Karens out there: keep your words to yourself if you can’t stand the heat. Oh and for the love of Christ don’t be a fucking racist.

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