Puerto Ricans Aren’t Happy That Logan and Jake Paul Are Moving From Los Angeles To Puerto Rico

Written by TrevStone

During the most recent episode of the popular podcast, ImPaulsive – Logan Paul announced that he will soon be leaving Los Angeles. He’s complained multiple times throughout the years about the tax rates and also about somewhat wanting to get away?

As a bunch of influencers are moving from Los Angeles to Miami, Logan Paul and his brother Jake have a different plan in mind. Moving to Puerto Rico.

Yeah, you read that right. Not only is it Logan going – he’ll be joined by his brother Jake.

Another reason they’re moving besides taxes is for training. They’re both professional boxers and trying to continue to build their craft. If the two of them focus together, they’ll get big things done just like they have their entire life.

Moving from Los Angeles to Puerto Rico might seem like a big jump for the Paul brothers but it’s also going to be interesting to see how they’re treated. Right now Logan Paul is trending on twitter after this announcement, half the people don’t realize that him and Jake will be buying the house 50/50, but the people from Puerto Rico who posted about it don’t seem too happy!

And others who’ve posted don’t seem happy either:

Maybe… Just maybe… he’ll rethink this. And if not.. He’ll more than likely be just fine. He’s probably loving all the attention about moving. People move all the time, they do it and it’s an uproar.

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