PSE’s Wrestling Team Predicts AEW Revolution

Written by Jameus Mooney

This Saturday All Elite Wrestling will have its sixth pay-per-view spectacle and it promises to be the best yet as “Le Champion” Chris Jericho headlines defending the AEW World Championship against the “Purveyor of Violence” Jon Moxley. Jericho’s Inner Circle brethren Sammy Guevara will take on the sensation Darby Allin as Jake Hager looks to defeat Dustin Rhodes. Dustin’s brother, Cody, will finally get his hands on Maxwell Jacob Friedman. 4 of Cody’s 5 Elite counterparts will collide for the AEW Tag Team Championships as “Hangman” Adam Page and Kenny Omega defend against Nick and Matt Jackon, the Young Bucks. The World and Tag Championships aren’t the only championships up for grabs as Nyla Rose has her first Women’s Championship defense against former IWTV Champion Kris Statlander. The PPV promises to be “Freshly Squeezed”, and not just because Orange Cassidy is wrestling Pac. The show will begin at 8 on traditional PPV ($60), B/R Live ($50, plus unlimited replays, which is the option I use) and for our international readers, it will be available on FITE for $20. The Buy-In will air on YouTube and B/R Live for free at 7, featuring two members of SoCAL Uncensored going against two members of the Dark Order. For a full preview of the event, click here.

BUY IN: SCU (Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian, w/ Chris Daniels) vs. Evil Uno and Stu Grayson (w/ John Silver and Alex Reynolds).

AEW has been teasing Chris Daniels as “The Exalted One.”

Jameus Mooney: I’m not overly excited for this match, but I really like both Super Smash Bros and SCU. I’m tired of the Daniels Dark Order tease when it clearly isn’t him and it wouldn’t elevate him at all. At this point in his career, breaking up the Addiction after they’ve teamed so long would be pointless. Should be a solid match, but Grayson and Uno have a dominant aura and expect that to stay in tact. That said, I really hope they add another buy-in match. I’m stunned that the Kip Sabian vs. Joey Janela program isn’t getting paid off here. Prediction: The Dark Order.
CJ Faria: With the identity of the “Exalted One” on the horizon, The Dark Order are on the cusp of being the most over stable in AEW & maybe even Professional Wrestling & with the correct leader in place, they’ll be right up there with Le Champion’s, Inner Circle. I love SCU, they’re great, but it’s time for Dark Order to get a credible win under their belt before their leader is revealed. Prediction: The Dark Order.
PSE Prediction: Dark Order 2-0.

Pac vs. Orange Cassidy.

JM: I’m honestly really excited about this match. Pac has been one of the top 5 wrestlers on the planet since his NXT run and has seemingly just gotten better over time. While “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy has one of my favorite shticks in wrestling, the too-cool-for-school personified personality that exudes the exact level of coolness every guy wants to have hasn’t yet had a proper opportunity to show what he can do to the worldwide audience at home just yet. Cassidy is a very solid worker bell-to-bell, and expect a very physical match. Since it’s his first singles match in AEW and the loss wouldn’t hurt Pac, I think Cassidy goes over. Prediction: Orange Cassidy.
CJ: This shouldn’t be that competitive but somehow, someway it’ll be a competitive-squash match. Pac should & will win, but Cassidy won’t be completely ran over. He’ll have a few spots that’ll get the crowd behind him, forsure. Prediction: Pac.
Mark Van Pushnburry: I’ll take Pac, but I could see him getting DQ’d.
Jackson McCoy: Orange Cassidy.
PSE Prediction: 2-2 split.

Jake Hager vs. Dustin Rhodes.

JM: For two guys who were on WWE’s roster for so long, including a rather small ECW roster when Hager was its champion, it’s surprising that they’ve only ever had one 1-on-1 battle and it was on a Christmas Day episode of Main Event in 2013. That said, this is here and now in All Elite Wrestling and it will be Hager’s first match in AEW since aligning himself with Chris Jericho’s Inner Circle. This’ll be a fun matchup with two vets who can still go, but Hager needs the win. Prediction: Jake Hager.
CJ: Dustin is defying father-time every time he’s stepped into an AEW ring, so far. He’s awesome. But Hager is so legit & needs to be the back-bone for the Inner Circle. A loss doesn’t do any harm to Dustin. Probably the easiest pick of the night…for me, anyway. Prediction: Jake Hager.
MVP: Dustin loses a hard fought match to Hager. Dustin will likely pass out or be unable to continue to compete. Prediction: Jake Hager.
JMC: Jake Hager.
PSE Prediction: Jake Hager, 4-0.

Nyla Rose (c) vs. Kris Statlander for the AEW Women’s Championship.

Statlander hits Rose with a tope suicida.

JM: First off, if you’re reading this and think this match shouldn’t be happening, here’s my hot take that’ll piss you off: get with the times. It’s Pro Wrestling, and if the Internet wasn’t a thing you literally wouldn’t have any issues with Nyla Rose’s physical appearance. It’s a scripted show and not an actual competition, so the argument of her genetics is weak, null and simply transphobic. Don’t be the ignorant piece of trash who’s transphobic. As for the actual match, I’m not sure if I’m excited. Nyla Rose is still very green in the ring and I’ve been rather unimpressed with her run in AEW thus far. That said, I’m a huge Kris Statlander fan and she’s been killing it for awhile on the Independent Scene. I expect her to bring a major change in the women’s division down the road and make headlines, but no way Nyla loses her first defense to somebody who has yet to be built up. Statlander will get a strong showing and the loss will not hurt her. Prediction: Nyla Rose.
CJ: Nyla Rose will retain. She’s a beast. She’s the one everyone should be & will be chasing in the Women’s division. I don’t see her reign ending anytime soon nor should it. I love Statlander, she’s extremely legit and has future champion written all over her. The timing just isn’t right, however. Prediction: Nyla Rose.
MVP: Nyla Rose beats Kris clean.
JMC: Nyla Rose.
PSE Prediction: Nyla Rose retains, 4-0.

Sammy Guevara vs. Darby Allin.

Allin walks the tight rope in a match against Guevara in AAW. February 2019.

JM: I can’t compete with the self-proclaimed “Spanish God”, but Darby Allin certainly can. These two killed it in AAW last year, killed it on Dynamite 3 months ago and both are two of the industry’s brightest young stars. Guevara pisses arrogance and may be the best pure heel in AEW. For Allin, his unique character and work has made him an overnight sensation with both the media and the audience. This is honestly the toughest match I have predicting, but I’m going Allin to give him a big win. I don’t think a loss here hurts Guevara. Prediction: Darby Allin.
CJ: I love both of these guys. They can both absolutely GO at the drop of a hat. This has match of the night written all over it if given the correct amount of time and creative freedom. It’s a pretty solid rivalry with decent story-telling, thus far. I just think Darby needs the win more then Sammy. Especially since Sammy is with the Inner Circle, so will stay somewhat credible no matter what. & every group needs a guy that’s a workhorse but can take losses for the group. Prediction: Darby Allin.
MVP: Allin beats Sammy even with the help of the inner circle. This could be a sleeper match of the night candidate. Prediction: Darby Allin.
JMC: Darby Allin.
PSE Prediction: Darby Allin, 4-0.

Adam Page and Kenny Omega (c) vs The Young Bucks for the AEW Tag Team Championships.

All of Marty’s friends may be dead, but four of them are wrestling in one match at Revolution.

JM: It’s funny, because as I wrote my predictions down I was wearing an Adam Page shirt and as I’m publishing this I’m wearing a Kenny Omega shirt. Unfortunately for me, I have this generation(me)’s Hardy Boyz taking it here. I use the picture above because it shows how close the four once were as members of the Elite, which is the story, and a very compelling one. Their segment on Dynamite this week might have been my favorite segment of AEW thus far. I still think this should’ve been the Dark Order to set up Hangman as the Exalted One, as I penned earlier this month. I like the Young Bucks, I just think this is underwhelming. Prediction: The Young Bucks.
CJ: The best tag-team in the world should be who all the other teams are chasing…that’ll begin, Saturday night when The Jackson brothers grab one of the final big-name tag-titles they’ve never won. Page has been hinting at a heel turn for several weeks now and I believe that will happen Saturday night. I’m not sure how it will go down, maybe it’ll even be what my friend and fellow-PSE Writer, Jameus predicted, that he’ll be revealed as the Exalted One in the Dark Order. Prediction: The Young Bucks.
MVP: Omega and Page lose to the Bucks and start to feud. Prediction: The Young Bucks.
JMC: “Hangman” Adam Page and Kenny Omega.
PSE Prediction: The Young Bucks are your NEW AEW Tag Team Champions, 3-1.

MJF (w/ Wardlow) vs. Cody (w/ Arn Anderson and Brandi Rhodes).

JM: This has been one of my favorite stories in Pro Wrestling in a long-time. His cage match with Wardlow proved what many of us have known since Legacy: Cody Rhodes can be the face of a company. If you created a perfect heel, it’d be Maxwell Jacob Friedman. The heat that MJF has garnered as of late is 2004 JBL level, and it’s incredible in this day and age. The segment where MJF whipped Cody was textbook and perfect. This can be their Hogan-Piper in the sense that Hulk Hogan became a star because people paid to see Roddy Piper get his ass beat. The winner is Cody for sure, but this is one of those matches that the match is so compelling despite the predictability that it’ll sell PPVs. I am interested to see if they try to stretch it out until Double or Nothing in May, however. Prediction: Cody.
CJ: MJF will somehow get the cheap victory over Cody. MJF is the future of this business…not just AEW…the wrestling business as a whole. He’s got ALL the tools. Cody’s allure won’t be hurt by a loss. However, I do think whether it’s from Wardlow assistance or Jeff Cobb returns, MJF will snag a cheap-shot victory, over his former mentor, here. Prediction: MJF.
MVP: MJF will beat Cody by nefarious means as Cody doesn’t need the win and can’t fight for the title, anyway. MJF needs a solid win. Prediction: MJF.
PSE Prediction: 2-2 split.

“The Painmaker” Chris Jericho (c) vs Jon Moxley for the AEW World Heavyweight Championship.

JM: It’s refreshing to see these two do a serious, eye for an eye program for a change, as much as I was entertained by Mitch “the potted plant.” It’s nice to see both treated as the top superstars they have been for a long time again. So far since his overdue departure from WWE almost a year ago, Mox has had arguably his best work. He and Kenny Omega had an outstanding match at Full Gear and then he went overseas and had a brilliant deathmatch with AEWs latest signing at Wrestlekingdom. Jericho since joining AEW hasn’t lost a step, even at 50. This is hard to predict because Moxley would be the right call here, I think, but I think they’ll use Jericho to establish somebody at Double or Nothing in May. Plus, Le Champion is the GOAT. Prediction: Chris Jericho.
CJ: I love this feud. I think Moxley will clearly be a champion in short-order. However, I’m going with the old “have the face chase the title for a bit” method here. This is a terrifically scripted rivalry thus far and I think there’s a ton of storytelling still left to be told. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this feud not end until Double or Nothing, in May which is going to be AEW’s WrestleMania, it seems, with it culminating with Moxley finally capturing AEW gold. Prediction: Chris Jericho.
MVP: Moxley over Jericho. As the show goes off air, Matt Hardy is revealed as the Exalted One fresh out of a WWE contract.
JMC: Chris Jericho.
PSE Prediction: Chris Jericho retains, 3-1.

There you have it! Four of our many contributors (all of which are doing such a marvelous job that you’d think Marc Mero was one of them, if I may add) have predicted the following: Chris Jericho and Jake Hager win for the Inner Circle, while Sammy Guevara eats an L. Nyla Rose retains but Adam Page and Kenny Omega do not. Cody Rhodes vs. MJF, as well as Pac and Orange Cassidy are too close to call. As for the Dark Order, Mark goes out on a limb and predicts Matt Hardy is revealed as the Exalted One the same night that Uno and Grayson defeat SCU.

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