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PSE Predicts AEW Double or Nothing

Written by Jameus Mooney

Tomorrow, live on pay-per-view, BR Live and FITE TV, AEW’s first pay-per-view since the outbreak of COVID-19 will emanate from Daily’s Place, inside of TIAA Bank Field. It’s sure to be a fun show, and if you don’t believe me, just ask Billy Gunn who’s been the biggest, most entertaining mark ever during the virus, as only Billy Gunn can be. You can find the full preview from PSE’s Nick Byington here. Myself [Jameus Mooney], Nick, Dylan Steffen, Michael Rickard II and new writer Trent Osborne have provided predictions for the show.

BUY IN: Best Friends vs Private Party, Winner N1C To The AEW Tag Team Championships

Nick Byington: Private Party vs. Best Friends: This being on the Buy In makes the most sense, as this match has no build up but will be a very hot kickoff to the show. Private Party and Best Friends are two of the best tag teams in AEW today. I feel like Best Friends takes it here, as they have a tag team win over Kenny Omega and have been killing it in tag team competition, while Private Party have sat on the sidelines. Winners: Best [email protected]

Trent Osborne: This match is going to be a great kick-off to Double or Nothing. Chuck Taylor & Trent have been red hot as of late, picking up wins over the Jurassic Express and the unlikely pairing of Kip Sabian & Jimmy havoc, whereas the Private Party hasn’t been seen on Dynamite since mid-March. Saturday’s match on the buy-in could be AEW’s way of catapulting Cassidy & Quen back into the thick of the companies ridiculously deep tag division, but I can’t imagine The Best Friends not picking up the win here. Winners: Best Friends-@TrentOsborneFS

Michael Rickard II: AEW has upped the stakes on this with the stipulation that the winning team becomes #1 contenders for the AEW World Tag Team Championship. Best Friends have been getting a decent push so expect them to come out on top. Winners: Best Friends-@MrOldSchoolMike

Dylan Steffen: If you don’t have friends, you have nothing. Winners: Best Friends-@DylanSteffenPSE

Jameus Mooney: I’m actually really excited for this match. Isaiah Kassidy and Marc Quen are extremely exciting and innovative, even if still a little green and have a ways to go psychologically. The Best Friends, on the other hand, are extremely experienced and an excellent combination. The Best Friends (and Orange Cassidy) have been some of AEW’s biggest ratings grabs. Best Friends make all the sense in the world at the top of AEW’s rankings, especially since Private Party have been off television for awhile. Winner: Best Friends-@TheJameus
PSE’s Prediction: Best Friends, 5-0.

“Jungle Boy” Jack Perry vs Maxwell Jacob Friedman

NB: Despite the lack of meaning behind this match, this could be an amazing match. MJF and Jungle Boy are two wrestlers with a lot of long term potential. MJF is pretty much already a star, and Jungle Boy is a good looking kid who the crowd loves. Them having a banger this early in their careers could be something we look back on as a defining moment in 10 years. Due to his undefeated streak, I feel MJF will walk away with the win here. If Jungle Boy somehow wins, it will be in some cheap way, and I don’t think that benefits anyone. Winner: MJF

TO: This seems to be a very slept on match and is unfairly being written off as predictable. MJF Vs Jungle Boy could very well headline a major show, with the world championship on the line, sooner than we all think. MJF is clearly the more established star in this match, as he was seemingly being groomed as the next challenger to Jon Moxley’s world title before the corona virus pandemic threw the company’s plans into chaos. It will probably come as a surprise to most if Jungle Boy ends MJF’s undefeated streak in AEW, but it shouldn’t. Everyone in the company with a major voice, from Jim Ross to Tony Khan, has put over how much of a star-in-the-making Jungle Boy is ad nauseam. A roll-up flash victory over the heir apparent is exactly the thing that would establish Jungle Boy Jack as a serious player in All Elite Wrestling. It’s a loss that doesn’t hurt MJF in any way, and it’s a win that would catapult Jungle Boy to the next level. Winner: Jungle Boy

MR: This match will be all about making Jungle Boy look good as he takes MJF to the limit, but the crafty heel wins via nefarious means, likely with the help of his bodyguard Wardlow. Winner: MJF

DS: He’s better than you and you know it. Winner: MJF

JM: I think this’ll be an excellent match between the two superstars who will be the cornerstone of All Elite Wrestling for the years to come. While the Moxley’s, Omega’s, PAC’s and Jericho’s are vital to their early development, these two are the young homegrown talents. Jungle Boy, son of former 90210 star Luke Perry, is 22 years old, a perfect sympathy magnet baby that they could theoretically get two decades of mileage out of. MJF is 24 years old and if he’s not the most hated dude in wrestling in a way you want to see him get his comeuppance, he’s close to it. But, with how they’re building him, I don’t think a random match with Jack Perry is his comeuppance. Winner: MJF

PSE prediction: MJF 4-1.

Shawn Spears vs Dustin Rhodes

NB: This is the match I am least excited for. There has been nothing that Spears or Dustin has done outside of the TNT tournament that has interested me in almost a year, and this hasn’t changed with this thrown together feud. I believe Dustin will walk away with the win to redeem himself, but I am not sure as I am not invested in this match. Winner: Dustin Rhodes

TO: The status of Shawn Spears has been an interesting case study. He has sort of just floated around ever since his loss to Cody at the All Out pay-per-view back in September. Despite the assistance of wrestling legend Tully Blanchard and a great showing in the first round of the TNT Championship tournament, Spears has struggled to find any footing as a relevant character on TV. AEW sees the potential in Spears, as they continue to have him appear on Dynamite in any way they can. A win here against an established competitor like Dustin Rhodes (who has had his own fair share of impressive showings as of late) would be a great first step in getting “The Chairman” to that next level. Winner: Shawn Spears

MR: Why is this match happening again? I’ve enjoyed Dustin’s AEW work and it’s obvious he still has lots to give in wrestling. If AEW is serious about Spears’s push, he needs the win here. Winner: Shawn Spears

DS: Spears getting under the skin of Dustin Rhodes the past few weeks should light a fire underneath Dustin. Winner: Dustin Rhodes

JM: Anybody who’s followed me throughout the years I’m a notorious Shawn Spears mark, despite not having shown it here at PSE yet. So, it’ll come as no shock to hear that I think Shawn Spears has to win this match. He’s regularly featured on Dynamite but there has to be more coming or it’s ultimately irrelevant. No loss right now hurts Dustin Rhodes, who is wrestling royalty. I’d love to see Dustin lose a slew of matches and then question if he has anything left, and then have a renaissance, similar to something out of a Clint Eastwood movie. Winner: Shawn Spears.

PSE Prediction: Shawn Spears 3-2.

Kris Statlander vs Dr. Britt Baker

NB: This is a tough one. I feel like both of these women need to win, much like the Cody vs. Archer match. Britt Baker has just begun to hit her stride, and Kris Statlander is too new to lose for a second time on PPV and stay a major player. Of course, this all depends on Britt being cleared by Saturday, as she was injured on Dynamite. If it ends up happening, I predict Baker walking away with the win, as she has the most interest on her. Winner: Britt Baker

TO: Fingers crossed that Britt Baker can compete this weekend after that nasty collision she had with AEW Women’s Champion Nyla Rose on Dynamite this past Wednesday, as losing Baker to a long-term injury would be devastating for AEW. The Doctor’s newfound heel persona hasn’t just been instrumental in the elevation of the women’s division over the last few months, it is currently one of the most can’t-miss acts in the entire company. It’s hard to argue that Baker isn’t the strongest character in the entire division, but there is one woman who could make a case against that statement: Kris Statlander. Hopefully, this match acts as a de-facto #1 contenders match, because each woman would serve as a perfect challenger for the championship, depending on who walks away from Double or Nothing with the strap. Baker losing here would seem foolhardy to me, given how receptive the fanbase is to her at the moment. Winner: Britt Baker

MR: Two of the few highlights in AEW’s women’s division, this match could be good, but word has it Dr. Baker is now out with an injury. Winner: Britt Baker

DS: Britt Baker is rumored to have torn her ACL during her tag team match on Dynamite this past Wednesday. With that being said I, unfortunately, pick Kris Statlander to win. Did you know Britt is a dentist? Winner: Kris Statlander

JM: IF this happens, I think it has to be Britt Baker. AEW caught victim of the machine backing Britt Baker and force feeding her early. Wrestling fans weren’t having it, and AEW quickly and shrewdly altered course. Heel Britt Baker has been the best thing in women’s wrestling during the outbreak other than Raw’s Kabuki Warriors. She is by far the best female heel in wrestling today. With the reports of an injury, however, the match is in doubt. I’d love to see a surprise Deonna Purrazzo replacement if Britt is replaced. Winner: Britt Baker

PSE Prediction: Britt Baker 4-1.

Nyla Rose (c) vs Hikaru Shida for the AEW Women’s Championship

NB: Hikaru Shida has been my favorite AEW women’s wrestler since the moment I laid eyes on her. Her charisma and talent shine through every match she has. On the other hand, Nyla Rose is a beast. She has proven to be one of the best women’s wrestlers in AEW as well, putting on clinics with Riho. This could go either way, and even though Nyla Rose reign as Women’s Champion is still in its early days, I think it is time for Shida to hold the title. So my prediction is Hikaru Shida. Winner: Hikaru Shida

TO: Saying that Hikaru Shida Vs Nyla Rose is the most well-built Women’s Championship match in AEW history is as close to a fact as an opinion can get. There hasn’t been this much excitement surrounding a women’s title match since Riho was crowned the inaugural champion on Dynamite’s first episode back in October. Shida has seamlessly been built as a credible opponent who is a legitimate threat to ending the rampage that the Native Beast has had on the division since winning the title. The Joshi star has been on an absolute tear since the turn of the new year, with victories over Dr. Britt Baker, Kris Statlander, Yuka Sakazaki, and the former champ Riho. While the thought of a Hikaru Shida run with the women’s title sounds fantastic, Rose has more than earned a longer go as champion. Expect a great match, and expect Nyla Rose to walk out of Double or Nothing as the AEW Women’s World Champion. Winner: Nyla Rose

MR: AEW Women’s World Championship: Nyla Rose (c) vs. Hikaru Shida No Disqualification and No Countout: The no DQ and no count-out stipulation should give Hikaru a fighting chance, but AEW needs to keep the belt on Rose until they come up with a strong babyface (or heel champion) that will draw. Winner: Nyla Rose

DS: Nyla is the division’s monster and I think the slayer ends up short and doesn’t slay. Winner: Nyla Rose

JM: I’m not overly fond of Nyla Rose, but she’s starting to grow on me. Nyla’s come a far way in the last year or so, but in ring still has a lot to go. But with a unique presence, she’s actually cut very solid promos as of late. I’m a big fan of Hikaru Shida. I really don’t see any other baby face to step up, considering Nyla already worked with Riho and Kris Statlander and the AEW Women’s division isn’t that deep. I think Shida gets the belt here. Maybe I should call Shida the Angel of Death since Dylan mentioned Slayer? Winner: Hikaru Shida.

PSE Prediction: Nyla Rose retains 3-2.

Cody Rhodes vs Lance Archer for the TNT Championship

NB: Now, this is a match that I am truly stuck on. I feel like both of these men need to win, and that makes for a very unpredictable match. Lance Archer is brand new to AEW, and truthfully, this version of Lance Archer is brand new to an American audience. Archer has been built as an unstoppable monster, running through almost everyone he has faced in his short AEW tenure. To suffer a loss this early in his monster run could be very bad in the long run…but at the same time, so could Cody losing. Cody is one of the most over superstars AEW has. But, in his last two PPV matches, Cody has come up short. Coming up short a third time to someone who has barely been in the company two months could cause the fans to start souring on Cody, killing his momentum dead in the water. If I was to choose right now, I’d say Cody will walk away as the first ever TNT Champion, but that changes by the moment. Winner: Cody

TO: Flip a coin for this one, folks. There are such good cases to be made for both of these men to walk away as the inaugural TNT Champion. If you’re AEW, do you give it to the malevolent Lance Archer, fully establishing him as not some flavor-of-the-month monster, but a main event player in AEW for years to come? Or do you give it to AEW’s knight in shining armor, the babyface star of the company, Cody? This match perfectly encapsulates the kind of situations that great booking can provide. There is much more on the line in this match just becoming the first-ever TNT champion. If Archer loses, AEW runs the risk of fans writing him off as just some run-of-the-mill big man (which he is absolutely not). On the other hand if Cody loses it creates a very intriguing road for his character, as it would mark the third consecutive pay-per-view loss for AEW’s marquee superstar. At the time of typing out this very sentence I don’t have a pick in my mind, but I can’t see Cody dropping three PPV matches in a row. Winner: Cody

MR: Although I’m looking forward to Arn Anderson’s inevitable turn on Cody, I hope AEW holds off on it. This match needs to see Lance Archer win the belt as AEW needs a heel with a championship. Archer has the talent to defend the belt, is a good talker, and has a great talker managing him. Look for Lance to slither his way to the belt with Jake’s help. Winner: Lance Archer

DS: He has the GOAT by his side in Jake Roberts. That and I picked him to win the tournament in AEW’s bracket challenge. Winner: Lance Archer

JM: The promo between Jake Roberts and Arn Anderson this past Wednesday was captivating. The promos Jake’s been cutting are only stuff you hear about in Jake Roberts lore. Jake putting the snake on Brandi was a callback from 30 years ago and it still works. The way Archer destroyed Dustin right in front of the Nightmare Collective and the towel wasn’t thrown, when Cody and QT Marshall could’ve stopped it and Dustin ultimately got put down like a dog is effective. Rocky IV’s my second least favorite Rocky because of the execution of the movie, but that scene where Rocky doesn’t throw in the towel on Apollo when Duke is clamoring for it worked better than anything else in the movie. Cody is Rocky, QT is Duke Evers, Dustin is Apollo and Archer is Ivan Drago. Would it be an insult to Brigitte Nielsen to compare Ludmilla to Jake? There is no story in wrestling that I currently am more invested in than I am in this Cody and Lance Archer story, and as the others have said, it’s unpredictable. But unlike Rocky IV, Cody won’t be coming out on top. If you want to build Lance Archer as a killer, spend the next year building him up without losing and then whoever beats him for the TNT Championship is made. On top of that, that gives you ample time to not rush him into the World Championship picture and makes the title mean something, as he can go and put on bangers every Dynamite. Winner: Lance Archer

PSE Prediction: Lance Archer wins the TNT Championship 3-2.

Casino Ladder Match: Rey Fenix vs Orange Cassidy vs Luchasaurus vs Darby Allin vs Colt Cabana vs Frankie Kazarian vs Scorpio Sky vs Kip Sabian vs ????

NOTE: 7 PSE writers gave their prediction on who the mystery participant is here.

NB: I truly believe this could be AEW match of the year. The competitors involved in this match are just so talented, and perfectly made for a ladder match, that I can’t see this being anything less than great. And, honestly, there are a ton of great options to win this. Fenix is one of the most talented luchadores in recent memory, and a win here could bring eyes back onto Death Triangle. Orange Cassidy is by far the most over wrestler in AEW, and him winning to capitalize on his popularity is smart. Luchasaurus was also incredibly over, but a string of losses has cooled him off. A win here could return that hype. But…I believe that Darby Allin should and will win. He needs it the most. Allin has lost numerous times over the last few months, and he always seems to lose when it matters the most. It is time for Allin, one of the hardest workers in AEW, to get his due. Winner: Darby Allin

TO: In my prediction for Jungle Boy Vs MJF, I had the New-York loudmouth getting handed his first loss in AEW. That said, I don’t see Max leaving Double or Nothing a loser. Almost everyone is expecting a newly signed star to make their debut as the mystery entrant in the casino ladder match. It’s so much of a foregone conclusion at this point that fans are sure to get heated if that isn’t what happens. That is exactly the kind of energy that Maxwell Jacob Friedman thrives off of. As I said in my prediction for his earlier match, MJF was very clearly being groomed as a future challenger for Jon Moxley’s AEW World Championship. I don’t see the company completely putting these plans on hold for the time being. Winning this match would make up for his previous loss in the night, and establish himself as the newest, and biggest, threat to Moxley’s title reign. Add that on to the fact that it’s another line on the (very) long list of reasons to hate MJF. It’s a win-win-win for AEW. Winner: MJF

MR: This could easily be the match of the night as it features some fantastic performers. AEW has a great mix of young talent and veterans but most of these stars are the future of the industry. While I know these wrestlers are going to likely take some sick bumps, AEW needs to scale back its sick bumps or it’s going to find its roster depleted Winner: Darby Allin

DS: The match I am excited for the most on this card is this one. Different rules than the Money in the Bank ladder match and it’s something fresh. A bunch of different personalities are involved in this match including a dinosaur.

JM: I’m going with the freshly squeezed here. For me, Darby Allin is going to be their absolute breakout top star of the future, but I don’t want him entering the title picture and losing. Orange Cassidy is the most over dude they have and the loss wouldn’t hurt him, and it’d also give him something to do other than whatever Trent and Chuckie T are doing. Imagine the sheer excitement of a Jon Moxley Orange Cassidy staredown. Winner: Orange Cassidy

PSE Prediction: Darby Allin 3-1-1.

The Elite and Matt Hardy vs The Inner Circle in a Stadium Stampede Match

NB: his is about to be the most unique match in AEW history. With a ring in the middle of the TIAA Bank Field and falls counting anywhere, there is so much that can be done with the talent involved. The Young Bucks are innovators of violence, as any of their hardcore and ladder matches will show. Not to mention Chris Jericho, who as a nearly 30 year veteran, knows every trick in the book. I feel like the result of this could go either way, but I expect Hangman Page to either purposely or accidentally cost The Elite the win over the Inner Circle. Winners: The Inner Circle

TO: This match is almost guaranteed to be a half-hour of nonsensical, chaotic, balls-to-the-wall entertainment. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a match anywhere with this level of variety and range coming from all competitors. Every member of The Elite and The Inner Circle have proven that they can compete at the highest of levels, to varying degrees of seriousness. This seems like a prime opportunity for The Elite to pick up the win and produce a feel-good moment on the show. It’s the first pay-per-match in the AEW career of “Broken” Matt Hardy, as well as the first match in over a month and a half for The Young Bucks and “Hangman” Adam Page. Expect Page to be the star of this match, since he was arguably the hottest wrestler in the entire company at the time of his leave due to the pandemic. Winners: The Elite and Matt Hardy

MR: This should be a fun and wild brawl as all ten men battle throughout Daily’s Place. Who wins this will depend on whether AEW continues the slow breakdown between “Hangman” Adam Page and the Young Bucks. If they can stay focused, look for the Elite to win. That’s a big if however. Winners: The Elite and Matt Hardy

DS: At the end of Dynamite on Wednesday we saw The Elite stand strong against the Inner Circle with the return of Hangman Page and The Bucks. Hangman Page didn’t celebrate with the rest of The Elite as he just walked off. Maybe The Elite can put their differences aside come Saturday but The Inner Circle are 100% together. Hopefully that bone-headed Pineapple Pete doesn’t get involved in any way. Winner: Inner Circle

JM: The two best sellers in wrestling today are Ortiz of Proud and Powerful and Sammy Guevara. I have high hopes that Sammy’s GTA selling of the golf cart is just a start, and this feud has already provided us with a few viral memes. Chris Jericho might be the greatest overall performer in the history of professional wrestling. The different styles of the Inner Circle and the Elite among all ten of these innovative workers should give us something extremely fun. You know the Young Bucks and Sammy Guevara will do the highest of high spots never seen before in a football stadium, you know Adam Page will find some new smashmouth offense. Kenny Omega is just something else when it comes to in-ring worker. Matt Hardy is one of the most beloved dudes when it comes to different types of high spots. If you love fast paced “holy —-” action, this is the match. AEW has pivoted on the Adam Page turning on the Elite since he became their biggest babyface before COVID (which Wednesday was his first appearance of the outbreak). While he should certainly distance himself after he and Kenny drop the tag championships, you don’t need to turn him heel to do so. The Bucks and Hangman won’t lose their first match back, and Matt won’t lose his PPV debut. Winners: The Elite and Matt Hardy

PSE Prediction: The Elite and Matt Hardy 3-2.

Jon Moxley (c) vs Brodie Lee for the AEW World Heavyweight Championship

NB: To me, this is one of the most predictable matches on the card. Moxley has experience facing and beating larger men, as he just defeated Jake Hager in an empty arena brawl. And while Brodie Lee has been on a roll, he only has one major win under his AEW belt, that being a win over Christopher Daniels. I don’t believe that Brodie Lee is ready to beat someone like Jon Moxley yet, and I don’t think Jon Moxley is ready to relinquish the AEW World Championship to someone else this early in his reign. Winner: Jon Moxley

TO: It really is a shame that this program is happening under the context that it is. Two enigmatic characters such as Jon Moxley and Brodie Lee deserve much more than a three-week window to tell a story, but less than desirable circumstances can create less than desirable results. I can’t imagine Moxley losing the AEW World Championship in front of a near-empty arena to a guy who he’s feuded with for less than a month. There isn’t much more to say about this match, and that really is too bad. Winner: Jon Moxley

MR: This could be a fantastic brawl as each wrestler is familiar with the other’s work. The build-up for this pales to the fantastic build-up for Moxley vs. Jericho and rumor has it that MJF was originally going to be Mox’s opponent at Double or Nothing. AEW needs to make this into an extraordinary match if AEW fans are going to take Brodie Lee seriously or Mox’s AEW title reign. Winner: Jon Moxley

DS: I think it’s too early still for AEW to give Mr. Brodie Lee the World Championship right now. Although I am fine with it going either way. Winner: Jon Moxley

JM: I love both but we don’t even know if this version of the Brodie Lee persona is over in front of a crowd. I feel it was rushed due to the pandemic. There’s very little actual meat here. Winner: Jon Moxley.

PSE Prediction: Jon Moxley retains 5-0.

There you have it, five PSE’s writers predictions for tomorrow’s event. Who do you think walks out victorious? Follow all of us on Twitter! Reminder to check out our preview!

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