PSE Exclusive: WWE Stars To Appear on Punky Brewster Reboot

Alexa Bliss and Charlotte Flair will be appearing in an episode of the returning sitcom “Punky Brewster”. It is currently being filmed in Los Angeles and it explains the absence of Bliss on WWE Monday Night Raw last night. There will apparently be some sort of pro wrestling themed episode of of the show. WWE producer/retired pro wrestler D-Von Dudley is working as the stunt choreographer on it.

The original “Punky Brewster” aired on NBC from 1984-1988. It starred Soleil Moon Frye, George Gaynes, Cherie Johnson, and TK Carter. It was so popular that NBC also gave it an animated Saturday morning version called, “It’s Punky Brewster”. Frye became a pop culture hit for a little while as the spunky and colorful orphan in the title role who gets adopted by Gaynes’ character. The reboot will air on NBC’s new Peacock streaming service next year. Frye and Johnson will reprise their classic characters.

Alex Bliss’ new WWE heel character has been viewed as a cross between Punky Brewster and Angelica Pickles from the “Rugrats” cartoon.

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