PSA: As a society let’s cancel “This day In History”

Written by Vick

Hear me out guys, because I realize this is probably a scorching hot take for most of you.

I am not big into “Cancel” Culture. I don’t really pay attention to it nor have I tried to cancel anything before. But this is an emergency. “This day In History” has gone on for long enough, and I’m sick of it.

I’m all here for “This day in History” if the event happened at least a decade ago. That’s it. Stop reminding me everyday of what happened last year or the year before. I don’t give a shit. I remember it, It happened last year…

Maybe it’s because I’m from Buffalo and my city truly has nothing to look back and be proud of (Other than Rick James). Or maybe it’s my cynic personality that drives me crazy every time someone on twitter reminds me of some stupid shit that happened last year that we all remember.

In order to stop this trend I have a solution, don’t worry. Until this trend is cancelled I will be doing “This day in history” for only bad things that have happened.

For Example: “This day in history 4 years ago today my dog got explosive diarrhea and ruined my new apartment with his ass.” or ” This day in history 4 years ago today I put my dog up for adoption for ruining my new apartment with his diarrhea ass.”

I will lead this revolution for my fellow social media friends. I am for the people what can I say. A modern day robin hood. Steal from the social media rich, and give to the social media poor. If only there were more heroes like myself. Until next time my friends…


P.S. I didn’t actually sell my dog, we all get diarrhea sometimes, not his fault. Also treat yourself with a little Rick James!

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