Just to be clear, I’m all for protests, people assembling for them and those affected have every right to be upset at that police officer who killed a man while in custody. Whom later was fired and charged with third degree murder.

But seeing how some protests are leading into riots with burning buildings to the ground and causing havoc in various cities across the country, this is getting completely overboard.

Especially in the suburb of East San Jose, California, a video posted on Facebook last Friday shows a few protestors causing damage to cars by nightsticks and screwdrivers and trying to drag people out of their cars too.

The video in the link also shows the protestors blocking traffic on one of the highways as part of the chaos that was going on then.

But there was also clips of people doing some peaceful protests in the streets of the city as well.

Protests can be held peacefully without any violence, but like I said before, this type of destruction from the protestors shouldn’t be tolerated.

Hopefully everything will be cleared out and restored to order, after all the events that were happening last weekend.