Projecting Next Year’s Fantasy Football Impact After Wild Card Weekend

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The best way to summarize the 2021 NFL season is: what a long, strange trip this NFL season has been.

From Arizona starting out red-hot at 7-0 and being the last unbeaten team and then fading, only to lose to the LA Rams in the final wildcard game. 

Or, the Aaron Rodgers drama unfolded during the off-season and preseason and their week-1 blow-out loss to the Saints. 

Or the stark differences between their cup overfloweth in talent Dallas Cowboys losing to the talented but unknown San Francisco 49’ers. 

Perhaps the worry around the league for Chiefs fans as their team started out slow at 3-4, and their explosive offense looked sluggish, inefficient, and slow to be the number 2 seed in the AFC. 

In a nutshell, it’s been a wild 17-week season in the NFL year. 

As we are getting into the second round of the playoffs, it’s good to look at how the wild card weekend may add insights into next year’s season storylines and the fantasy impacts that they all may have. 

Some of the imagined headlines that demand answers include:

Will The Cowboys Fire McCarthy? 

Is Big Ben Done In The NFL Or Just With Pittsburgh? 

What About Russell Wilson In Seattle? 

Or Kirk Cousins Status In Minnesota?

Is Joe Burrow And Ja’Marr Chase The Next Big Thing? 

Let’s look at each storyline and anticipate the impact on fantasy football. 

The Dallas Cowboys

The day after the catastrophic collapse of the Dallas Cowboys, who wasted their best shot at winning, Head Coach Mike McCarthy’s job appeared safe. 

If anything, the Jones family ownership lets talent be squandered over time with mismanagement, but Head Coaches that don’t deserve the level of loyalty ownership show. Just look at Jason Garrett and his track record. 

Another interesting storyline is the Cowboys’ value on a regressing Ezekiel Elliot moving forward. Is he worthy of a large guaranteed contract, or is Tony Pollard ready to step up and fill the role? 

The Pittsburgh Steelers

Was the loss in Kansas City Ben Rothlisberger’s final game in the NFL or just as a starter for the Pittsburgh Steelers? All indications are that Big Ben is retiring, including postgame comments about how while he’s emotional after a loss, he will be more  emotional come training camp time. 

His decision here could have severe impacts on running backs Najee Harris, Diontaee Johnson, and Chase Claypool, to say the least. 

Is Russ About To Cook The Seahawks? 

Rumors have been around for months that Russell Wilson and the Seahawks may be on their last legs together. Russ has been vocal about considering trade options available to him moving forward, that he’s tired of being one of the most sacked quarterbacks in the league and isn’t sure the chance to win is still available to him if he stays put.  

The obvious challenge is that losing Russell Wilson could severely impact the value of Tyler Lockett and D.K. Metcalf moving forward, so seeing how the offseason plays out is crucial before your next NFL fantasy football draft. 

Is Kirk Cousins The Guy In Minnesota? 

Ok – this storyline has no connection to the playoffs as, yet again, the Vikings sat this one out. Kirk Cousins can be a prolific passer at times, and other times, not so much. He’s a stat machine, posting top-10 stats for yards, completions, and touchdowns year-in and year-out, but his lack of winning in the playoffs and a top-level contract raises questions about his tenure in Minnesota. Of course, to lose Cousins would have a significant impact on Adam Thielen and Justin Jefferson’s fantasy upside moving forward. 

Are Joe Burrow And Ja’Marr Chase Really That Good? 

In short, yes, Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase are really that good, and barring any setback, they should be a fantasy football owner’s stack toward a championship in the next year’s draft. 

Projecting out how teams will recover from the season and the outcome of the playoffs and retirements and free agency can be a bit much to keep track of. That’s why for serious players, they utilize tools and apps that can help accumulate all the data in one place to simplify the decision-making process. 
Using the playoffs as a barometer and from fantasy football leagues to tools that help you develop the best NFL dfs strategy, you should be able to find competitive success moving forward with a bit of insight.

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