Progressive Has Ended The Baker Mayfield Commercials Series And Heres Why

Written by BadBoiCiCi

Baker Mayfield suggested they continue the series of Progressive commercials. He suggested they have one of him moving out of First Energy Field, they shot it down and the series is over. It’s sad. These Progressive commercials gave us a small pick me up when your quarterback threw a pick and they cut to commercial while your defense gets ready to give up six points.

Baker you showman. He wanted this for us, the fans. He knows most football fans are behind him and rooting for him, so he wanted to poke fun at the situation. These commercials have given the most notoriety to their stadium and Baker the most attention to the Browns and they fuck it all up. They fuck everythign up. Deshaun Watson, you’ve hurt more than 24 people, I hope he knows that. 

I’m sorry Baker, sorry for all the harm done to you by the Browns organization. Sorry you hurt your shoulder, that probably hurt. I’m sorry most of all that the city you gave your all to just sucked you up and spit you out. 

Progressive sucks, I’ll never insure anything with them out of spite. I hope they know that shutting down the Baker series will forever hurt their business within the football fan community. 

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