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Professional Gamer Gets Himself a Date Thanks to the Power of Twitter | @KreoFN @alyssabriellex

Written by tRy25

We’ve all seen the promposals (Lord do I hate that word) on twitter and instagram. The “this many likes and dad will buy me a puppy” screenshots. Now we have gamer Kreo, who specializes in Fortnite, shooting his shot with Youtuber Alyssa Kulani.

Kulani recently broke up with her boyfriend and they explained their breakup in a YouTube video

You can follow Kreo’s Twitter here and his Instagram here.

Shoot your shot brotha! In the modern world of technology we are experiencing new ways of people connecting and what better way to do it than to hit a benchmark of likes to spark an intimate relationship. Hopefully these two crazy kids fall in love and get married and live happily ever after on Twitch and YouTube.

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