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Pro Wrestling Torch Pulls Controversial Column Implying Brodie Lee’s Cause of Death Was Covered Up

Written by Mike Rickard II

Kudos to Wade Keller, editor and owner of the Pro Wrestling Torch, a dirtsheet that recently published an article where alleged writer Bruce “can’t understand normal thinking” * Mitchell implied that Brodie Lee’s (aka Jon Huber) widow Amanda and officials in AEW misled or lied about the cause of Mr. Huber’s death. I won’t rehash the story (covered here by yours truly). Keller has pulled the so-called story, issuing the following statement:

Editor’s Note:

Yesterday on, senior columnist Bruce Mitchell published an editorial concerning the death of Jon Huber (a/k/a Brodie Lee, Luke Harper) that did not go through the normal vetting and editing process for Mitchell’s columns in general, and especially for such a sensitive topic.

I was not given the opportunity to see the column before it was published.

Out of deference to Bruce’s 30 years as a staff writer, I chose not to immediately remove or edit the column as I assessed the situation, which included a discussion with him.

Based on that conversation and additional reporting, I decided that the column does not meet our standards for publication. The piece has been removed from the site.

Artist’s rendition of quality of original Torch “editorial”

Whether or not the Torch was threatened with legal action and/or Wade Keller realized what a complete crock of shit the article was, it’s good to see it pulled from the site. Naturally, I copied the article so Mitchell doesn’t deny writing it or conveniently claim he forgot about his allegations.

*allegedly can’t understand normal thinking.

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