Pro Sports Extra’s Spiked: College Football Podcast Lands Coastal Carolina Star!!!!

Written by JohnnyB

The boys on the Spiked: A College Football Show, which is the weekly college podcast from Pro Sports Extra landed their first big guest. Way back in September JC who is from Outback Buck Shack and a Veteran, Spiked Rob who y’all know from his blogs, live streams and 5PM at Monty’s and JohnnyBofPSE who y’all know from his amazing blogs, wearing zero clothes on lives and amazing gambling skills ( even thought he has been slacking on that content), did their preview show. They discussed what teams and type of teams would make a splash. Give credit to the boys because they nailed Coastal Carolina. Johnny hopped all over them in the preseason and the boys followed suit. The argument for the Chants was easy, they have big time talent but even bigger time leadership. The unity and seasoned leadership of this team impressed the Spiked crew. Johnny hammering them in all over his gambling picks and the boys picking them as their locks of the week on more then a few occasions.

The constant tweeting and support of the Coastal team landed them being followed by the official team page, the barstool affiliate the leaders of the Mullet Men, Silas Kelly and Teddy Gallagher and not to mention the big man on the end of the line Jeffrey Gunther. So the boys took a shot in the dark and reached out to have Gunther on the pod after his huge game vs BYU and Coastal moving up the playoff rankings.

Well shit all the stars aligned and he came on and shot the shit with the boys for over a half hour. The Video is at the top of this blog so I’m sure y’all watched it if your reading this. I’m also sure that you came to the same conclusion that the Spiked boys did, Big Jeff is a stud on and off the field. He is just a guys guy who loves football and his team. Coastal will go very far because the whole team has his attitude of working hard not just for yourself but for the boys in the huddle and at practice with you.

So Spiked has always been a fan of Coastal and will continue to be, and we made a new friend in Big Jeff. Check him out, he will be ruining left tackles this weekend vs. Troy and the week after in the SunBelt Title game vs The Cajuns. Hey big #94 go make yourself even more well known. Your boys at Spiked and the Pro Sports Extra Family will be cheering ya on cuz.

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