Pro Sports Extra is Taking Off Like A Super Nova!!

Written by JohnnyB

Get on board now motherfuckers otherwise the supernova will blow right past you. I have been with this company for almost two years. I have seen it get bigger with each month I have been here (coincidence hmmm)… .

I love writing and making content because of the backing of our fearless leader Trev. While we sometimes have our beefs, because he knows I’m content gold and his Big Cat to his EL Pres. We both know this company is going somewhere real special.

The anomalies podcast is just going up and up an up. With the awesome rapport the guys have and the amazing guests they gave on. Not to mention T.A. Is the best producer in the business bar none.

We also keep getting new talent and new shows and better bloggers. Cameron has been a fucking blog machine and Shannon has been slaying views. Chameleon will have his own outdoor series cranking on YouTube. The new guy Noah has this it factor. To all the other new employees I look forward to seeing your stuff and working with you.

Look we all know that Trev’s the backbone, and we have amazing talent here at PSE, and like every team there is the fan favorite and overall stud. I am so happy to take that role and lead PSE into the huge future. I will take it on my back to help Trev’s dream come true and the rest of the guys, solely on my amazing talent. With this talent everyone else’s talent will shine through and we will be unstoppable on the internet. So you’re welcome content consumers and you’re welcome world for me allowing you to see my talent and my coworkers talent. Please No Autographs. Oh and Units Only Go Up!

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