“Pro-Life Spiderman” Scales Former Chase Tower During Super Bowl Week

Maison DesChamps, who calls himself “Pro-Life Spiderman,” climbed the 40-story former Chase Tower, which is the tallest building in Arizona

DesChamps began climbing just before 10 a.m. MST and finished before 11 a.m. today. He was live-streaming the incident on his cell phone while climbing and says he was doing it to raise awareness and money for an anti-abortion charity.

Wedging himself between a crevasse in the building, the “Pro-Life Spiderman” made his way to the top as people who came to the city for Sunday’s Super Bowl assembled to watch.

During his climb, DesChamps stopped to film himself. He was promptly arrested by Phoenix lawmen once he made it to safety.

Authorities on scene said that their priority was to make sure DesChamps was taken down from the tower safely, and strongly condemned the stunt.

“This is not the place or the time to do this,” said Phoenix Fire Department Captain Todd Keller. “This is extremely dangerous.”

This was not a first for DesChamps, who has completed similar stunts over the past year. He scaled to top the Salesforce Tower in downtown San Francisco in May 2022.

Photo courtsey of Twitter/@EricaReportsAll

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