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Pricey Porsche Plows Over Wall, Wiping Out Three Cars

Written by Mike Rickard II

A driver was caught on camera attempting to park a pricey Porsche, only to plow into one car, plummet over a wall, and wreck a nearby car as well as the Porsche itself. Sammy Hagar once sang “I Can’t Drive 55,” but this driver apparently can’t handle five miles per hour, let alone 55. Essex, England was the location for an epic fail as this driver made the much-to-be-avoided mistake of hitting the accelerator instead of the brake. Let’s see what happened.

Gentle reader, as bad as this situation appears, it’s just one of many epic fails that occur on the road. Anyone familiar with the trucking industry is aware of SWIFT Transportation, an American truckload shipping carrier whose drivers’ apparent talent for getting into various vehicular mishaps led to SWIFT getting the name Stevie Wonder Institute For Trucking. Don’t believe me? Just check out one of the many YouTube videos covering SWIFT drivers’ not-so-swift moments.

So the next time you see a video of someone getting into a motor vehicle mishap, remember that it could be worse. At least they’re driving a four-wheeler and not an eighteen-wheeler.

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Mike Rickard II

Retired bank robber and author of "Wrestling's Greatest Moments", "Laughing All the Way to the Bank Robbery, "Flunky: Pawns and Kings," and "Don't Call Me Bush Beans: The Legend of a Three-Legged Cat." Pro wrestling and hockey fan. Hired gun for several pro wrestling sites and a top 10 YouTube wrestling channel. Available in regular and extra-strength.