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President Trump Threatens to Cut Federal Funding from Schools Who Refuse to Reopen in the Fall

Written by joe.breaux

Wednesday Morning, President Trump made his intentions clear to American public schools, resume in-person classes this fall or risk losing federal funding.

This tweet was one of several the President sent out Wednesday morning downplaying the risks of the coronavirus all while the pandemic has reached new record levels across the country in recent weeks, forcing many locations to roll back plans of reopening.

President Trump also criticized his own administration’s health guidelines for reopening schools, calling them tough, expensive, and impractical.

On Tuesday, President Trump said he was going to put pressure on the governors to make the decision to open schools. He said, “It’s very important. It’s very important for our country. It’s very important for the well-being of the students and the parents. So we’re going to be putting a lot of pressure on: Open your schools in the fall.”

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