President Trump Sent Out Punny Tweet About ASAP Rocky’s Release From Jail In Sweden

Written by Nate

NOTE: This is not meant to be a political post. The post is suppose to be for and aiming towards entertainment and music. 

According to an ongoing post on TMZ.com, it was announced over in Sweden that rapper A$AP Rocky and two other people will be released from jail and does not have to return for his verdict on August 14th.

The first person to tweet about his release from jail was President Donald Trump in which he sent it out in a very ‘punny’ style. 


It’s unclear if all three suspects were able to leave the country. But according to the President’s tweet, it did appear that the rapper is coming home. 

The 30-year-old rapper took his relief to Instagram earlier today where he thanked his fans for their support throughout the trials. 

A$AP Rocky was on trial for aggravated assault in Stockholm earlier this year. The rapper plead not guilty to those charges. 

There was a video of Rocky and two other suspects hitting another man with a glass bottle. The man was treated for injuries to his arms and legs at a local hospital. 

Rocky was back arrested on June 30th and the trials started exactly a month later. 

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