In the least surprising news ever, the FSU AD announced today that their athletic department is in debt:

You really hate to see it. This comes after the Athletic Department was openly begging for money during their coaching search after last season. The even funnier thing is how their poor begging ending them up with Mike Norvell lmao. Seems to be working out great for them especially when Willie Taggart is living la vida Boca life with all the millions he made from their buyout. FAU would probably beat FSU.

What’s even more hilarious is when FSU try to mock Hurricane fans for having bad facilities when we have a state of the art indoor field, brand new student dorms & apartments, one of the most beautiful campus’ in the country, and oh yeah it’s all located in Coral Gables and not bumfuck Tallanasty.

The Seminoles play Clemson tomorrow in what is going to be a complete blow-out. Trevor Lawrence is gonna play angry after being out due to COVID and will probably put up 5 tuddies at least. Meanwhile, FSU is starting freshman Tate Rodemaker at QB behind what is maybe the worst offensive line in all of college football. Good luck kid…


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