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Police Officers Attacked as Riots, Protests Arise Outside Seattle’s SPOG Building

Multiple outlets, including KIRO 7 of Seattle, are reporting that police officers were attacked, while trying to break up a group of protesters outside of the Seattle Police Officers Guild (SPOG) building Monday night.

Just prior to the incidents, the group of protesters gathered downtown between Fourth Avenue South and South Lander Street—and on their way, they blocked both northbound and southbound lanes onward to the building.

As they were making their attempts to arrests after several dispense orders were issued, the officers were hit with explosives and rocks by the protesters. There was also reports that they used bear/pepper spray at them as well.

Explosives recovered at the site include a box of Molotov cocktails in shape of Corona bottles in which you can view in an image below.

There will be more details to add about the riots and aftermath, and we will update them into this post as soon as they are available.

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