Police Bodycam Video Reveals Cop Gave Jalen Carter Star Treatment For Driving Violation

Written by Tony Ghaul

The cop who stopped Georgia Star Jalen Carter for driving at 85MPH in a 45MPH zone on September 22 could have also charged him for his tinted windows and a windshield violation but allowed the then-UGA star to go with a ticket because he didn’t want him making the news.

Carter was projected to go No. 1 in the upcoming NFL Draft, could have gotten arrested for three traffic offenses back in September.

The former Georgia Bulldogs star’s draft stock took a hit as a result of his legal issues given that he had to leave the NFL Scouting Combine and turn himself into police custody because of his involvement in a tragic accident.

Carter was able to return to the combine, having posted a $4,000 bond after being arrested on charges of reckless driving and racing as a result of the crash that killed one of his Bulldogs teammates (Willock) and LeCroy, a recruiting staff member the night after the team’s championship parade.

Cater is said to have fled the scene of the crash. The aforementioned charges could result in 12 months in jail and a fine of $1,000 in Georgia. An arraignment hearing has been set for April 8.

Former UGA defensive lineman Jalen Carter. Photo courtsey of Sky Sports

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