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Podcast Host Tom Leykis Tweeted Out and Blamed the Recent Shooting in Colorado Springs on Residents Who Voted for Trump…Yet Many Voted for Biden

Written by Nate

First off, our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims that were involved in Sunday’s recent shooting in Colorado Springs, but this has to be addressed.

Many people like to put blame on former President Trump for anything controversial nowadays, but what one podcast host said on Twitter about a recent shooting at a birthday party in Colorado Springs (that killed seven people, including the suspect) has him high on their hit list.

On Twitter, shock jock and podcast host Tom Leykis, claimed in a tweet that the shooting was due to people who voted for former President Trump in the Boulder County areas.

However we got some news for Tom, it appears the majority of the county including residents in the city—voted for current President Joe Biden by an overwhelming margin.

It is possible that he was trolling about the stupid tweet he posted because he went to post another tweet relishing all the attention that he has been getting.

It’s a good guess that someone should’ve done some research before he put his tweet out there. Could have avoided being ratioed like he did in the prior tweet above.

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