Plotting the top 3 QBs for the 23/24 season aside from Mahomes & Hurts

Super Bowl LVII provided plenty. It’s not always common for the two best performing teams throughout the entire season to meet each other at the end, but last season’s Super Bowl provided exactly that, and also gave us the QB vs QB showdown we’d all been waiting for all season long. Mahomes and Hurts had been the best and second-best QBs through the 22/23 NFL season. 

But how will it go down in the upcoming season? It would take much to tell an NFL fan that Mahomes won’t be in the MVP conversation again next year, and after a strong draft, Jalen Hurts and the Eagles will be looking to go very far into the play-offs again. But aside from these two names, which three guys have what it takes to be part of the best QB conversation? 

Top 3 QBs excluding Mahomes & Hurts in 23/24

  1. Joe Burrow – Cincinnati Bengals 
  2. Josh Allen – Buffalo Bills 
  3. Justin Herbert – Los Angeles Chargers 

Joe Burrow 

After a slow start to the 22/23 season, Joe Burrow quickly became one of the most watched QBs in the NFL. The 2020 first overall pick showed some impressive resilience, as he led his team to yet another play off run after the Bengals entered their bye week with a 5-4 record. 

Burrow’s playing style is best highlighted by his intelligence and cool nature, that comes up big when it matters most. According to ESPN, Burrow ranked 5th for passing yards, with 4,475 in the 22/23 season. Burrow also ended the season tied second for touchdowns with 35, and had 12 interceptions, ranked at 26th. 

Burrow’s different from the likes of Allen and Hurts in that he doesn’t rush as much, but his intelligence, and his calmness when making decisions have solidified his position as one of the top QBs to watch in the upcoming season. 

Josh Allen 

Allen had an impressive 22/23 season, and led the Bills to an impressive 13-3 record, but succumbed to the Bengals in a humbling 10-27 loss in Divisional Round of the play-offs. Allen was earmarked as one of the QBs to watch early on in the season, with plenty of media outlets pegging him as the one to rival Mahomes

Allen’s style relies heavily on his athleticism, but he also has a big arm that served the Bills well last season. Allen accumulated 4,283 passing yards throughout last season, which saw him finish 7th overall. Allen also managed 35 touchdowns throughout the season, which was only bested by Mahomes. His performances in the 22/23 earned him a spot on the cover of Madden NFL 24. 

 As it stands, odds listed on sportsbooks in Ontario have indicated that it’s highly probable that the Bills will cruise to more than 10 regular season wins. Odds are priced at around -141 overall. If the books are right, the Bills should have no problem reaching the play-offs again. 

Justin Herbert

Justin Herbert is another player that impressed early on in the 22/23 season. Despite a 4-3 record before the Chargers’ bye week, Herbert’s ability to pick out his receivers with laser like accuracy made a mark on the NFL community. The Chargers had a couple tough games early on in the season, with some their losses being within a 5 point margin. 

Herbert’s style relies heavily on his ability to accurately find his receivers. He has a massive arm, and passed for 4,739 yards last season, second only to Patrick Mahomes. Herbert registered 25 touchdowns, which is pretty decent considering the Chargers were knocked out in the Wild Card round in the play-offs against the Jaguars.


The top 5 QBs for the upcoming NFL season will have plenty to prove. Many can expect Mahomes and Hurts to perform as well, if not better, than they did last season, but the three guys mentioned in this article are bound to be part of the conversation. Sportsbooks in Ontario have priced the Bengals to register more than 11.5 wins in the regular season, which indicates that out of the three QBs listed here, that Joe Burrow is the most likely to take his team into the playoffs for the third season in a row. 

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