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PLEASE SHARE: Mesa, Arizona Teenager Missing For Two Weeks

A teenage girl from Mesa, Arizona, is rumored to be missing for two weeks after finding out she was in trouble and possibly ordered to go to detention.

Her mother, Crystal Anderson (formerly of L’Anse, Michigan), said in her Facebook post that she believes her daughter, AnnieMae Ripley, is hanging out with the wrong people and that she’s too young to be on the streets for this long.

(Her post is available for viewing down below.)

AnnieMae Ripley (Photo Courtesy: Crystal Anderson/Facebook)

Anderson said she has been in contact with the Mesa police (including today) for new information on her whereabouts. She believes that her daughter is either in the metro areas of Scottsdale or Phoenix.

Anderson also made it clear that she will not turn anyone who is overage or given her drugs in, she just wants her to be safely home with her family.

If anyone in those vicinities do know of Ripley’s whereabouts and her condition, they are asked to contact Anderson at (480) 268-0016 or 911.


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