Please Leave The UMiami Program @DIvey8_ No One Wants Your Garbage Ass Around Anymore

Written by SpaceGhostChedd

What a fucking day, but I’m not surprised to say the least. The Miami Canes lose a bowl game and the defense looks likes complete dogshit. DJ Ivey is the worst. After a terrible loss he’s still tweeting about himself, knowing he played bad:

I’m so sick of these premdonnas acting like the’ve done something. You represent one of the most legendary programs in the nation and disrespect the logo with your lame corny ass bullshit. Please leave the program and take your fake ass shit to ‘USF’ like your loser boy ‘Jarren’. GTFO. Dude has been fucking up all year and getting burned. Us Miami fans are so sick and tired with this mediocre soft shit. TURN YA FUCKING HEAD!

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