Players Need To Stop Opting Out Of “Big Bowl Games”

Written by Durr

It really is getting annoying at this point. The integrity of bowl games are going down with players constantly opting out. Now I get it, you have to prepare for the draft and hope no big injury happens but you are literally bailing on the team the last moment.

Okay maybe if you are playing in a random bowl that’s one thing, but if you are in a New Year’s Six, I find this unacceptable.

This game is a prime example, especially for Pittsburgh. Pickett led the Panthers to its best season in the ACC yet, by winning the conference championship for the first time. Now playing in their first “big bowl game” in God knows how long and just like that he is bailing!

C’mon man! That really is disappointing. When was the last time Pittsburgh has been this good? I don’t remember! Certainly was not in the ACC. It almost feels like you are just throwing it away.

Walker is a different story from Michigan State, as the Spartans (for the most part) have been a strong program in the last decade. But still, what’s the point of having these New Year’s Six Bowls if no stars are playing. There’s no meaning.

The NCAA, NIL or whoever is in charge of this needs to figure it out, somehow. Yes, it’s players choice, but don’t glorify certain bowl games if players don’t even want to play in them anyway!

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